How it works?

CARGO RADAR is an information service that helps carriers find the nearest cargo, and shippers choose the right carrier. We are not a transportation company, so the search algorithms do not give preference to any carriers. Our goal is to help small private businesses in Russia to grow, find new customers and develop.

CARGO RADAR allows entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and sellers to find those carriers nearby that can deliver goods to points of sale or directly to customers. It is suitable for individuals to organize crossings and other cargo transportation. Allows carriers to find cargo on the map in real time and earn money.


How it works


Create an order for cargo transportation in just a couple of minutes

a carrier

Expect a response from the carrier or choose from the offers

the data

Specify information about transportation in the chat with the carrier


How it works

an order

Make your choice from the suggested list of orders

Respond to orders

Suitable orders are already waiting for transportation

Customize it

Flexibly configure search and notifications as you feel comfortable

CARGO RADAR is included in the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases.
Registry entry No. 19321 dated 04.10.2023.

In a changing market, it is necessary to optimize costs

CARGO RADAR is distributed free of charge,
does not contain advertising and hidden charges.
For the greater convenience of users, a web version of the application is also implemented.




GPS tracker with app and monitoring system

Android OS version 4.1 and above;
Unlimited internet access

Age restrictions




SMS user registration;
Fingerprint authentication (Android OS version 7.0 and above)

The app shares location data with other people



RuStore – official national Android app store

Google Play – official Android app store

NashStore – russian mobile app store

What is in the current version?

For owners and senders of goods: search for carriers without limitation by radius with calculation of the approximate distance between the points of departure and destination; placing orders for transportation with setting its cost of service, including per kilometer, order confirmation; tracking cargo during movement, subject to data transmission by the carrier; deferred service (scheduler for date and time); the ability for customers to choose suitable carriers.

Cargo carriers’ capabilities: search for the nearest orders in an arbitrary radius; notification system for new orders via push notifications within the search radius; the ability to copy departure and delivery addresses to the navigator even if they are set by GPS coordinates.

Additional features: bidding between the customer and the service provider; displaying cars registered in the application in real time; posting user photos; a rating system for service users, which is set depending on the role, and not for the entire account; chat between the customer and the service provider; the possibility of feedback about the participant in the transaction.

How to deactivate a profile

In order to delete your profile in the CARGO RADAR system, you need to send a message via the feedback form in the application or to an e-mail The support service may ask additional questions in order to determine whether you belong to the profile being deleted. The user being deleted should not have any work orders.

The result of deleting a profile is: system blocking of logging into the profile; deleting the profile or changing the last name, first name, and phone number of the profile in the case when deletion is not possible; deleting the profile photo.

Please note that it is impossible to delete the profile immediately and permanently. The processing time for the profile deletion request takes up to 45 days from the date of receipt of all necessary verified information.

Application Features

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